VoicePrints – voice samples comparative analysis environment

VoicePrints is our original software for comparative analysis of two voice samples aimed at identification of speakers. New improved version of VoicePrints contains new features that improves work much. It is used internally in our company for on-demand specialist comparative analysis of voice samples.


  • Analysis divided into two parts:
    • Sample editor – first part of analysis allows to divide recording to single samples easy to compare and to classify them to groups,
    • Sample analyzer – second part of analysis that allows to analyze samples to obtain acoustic parameters that describes samples and then compare with each other;
  • Parallel operation on two voice samples;
  • Direct access to all samples from analyzed class;
  • Several steps (increasingly precise) in cutting samples from analyzed recording;
    Wycinanie próbek z analizowanego nagrania

    Cutting samples from analyzed recording

  • Division of samples into classes according to the spoken phrase or word;
  • All analyses found in DiagnoScope;
  • Sample preprocessing with background removal and voice enhancement tools;
    Przykładowy wynik korekcji próbki

    Example output of a sample preprocessing

  • Advanced comparison using standard acoustic parameters;
    Przykładowy wynik pracy programu VoicePrints

    Example output of the VoicePrints: comparison by acoustic parameters

  • Reference sample – sample selected by the user, which is compared with the rest of the samples;
  • Simple copying diagrams from program to any popular text editor.