Endoscope light source testing

Endo-Light Profiler

We offer a measuring device with dedicated software for measuring light beam characteristics of light sources and medical fibers, imaging endoscopes’ endings, lasers, miniature light sources with narrow beams (laser diodes, LEDs).


Measuring device for measuring light beam characteristics of light sources

Measurement allows for an objective test if power and angular distribution of light beam are appropriate to obtain satisfactory images from camera. Results are displayed in the form of three-dimensional visualization of light beam distribution from two light sources, that allows a comparison and assessment of light quality.

Trójwymiarowa wizualizacja porównania rozkładu oświetlenia z dwóch źródeł

Three-dimensional visualization of light profile from two light sources


  • Features:
    • high dynamics – 16-bit image converter;
    • wide range adapted to endoscopes’ light sources;
    • wide field of view (15×22 mm) with possibility to enlarge on clients demand;
    • completely digital interface;
    • powered directly from USB port;
    • compact design allows using in the field.
  • Use:
    • production and service control of fibers and endoscopes;
    • professional completing set of equipment support for consulting room (light source, fiber, endoscope);
    • quality tests of existing equipment for endoscope imaging.
  • Software features:
    • two- and three-dimensional visualization of light profile;
    • absolute values measurement – maximum, medium, total intensity;
    • symmetry profile and half-angles value measurement;
    • storing measurement results;
    • visual comparison of examined light source and stored results.
  • Three-dimensional visualization of light profile

    Three-dimensional visualization of light profile

Hardware requirements:

  • operating system: MS Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit;
  • graphics card compatible with DirectX 9;
  • 2.0 USB port;
  • screen 1024×768 (recommended 1440×900).

We also offer endoscope light source testing using Endo-Light Profiler.