Endoscope light sources


Endoscope light source of very high intensity for specialized larynx diagnostics. It enables functional diagnostics with a high-speed camera and advanced oncology diagnostics.

ALI Lum-MF1 – illuminator

ALI Lum-MF1 – illuminator

An innovative device with unique features:

  • enables advanced oncology diagnostics with narrow-band illumination modes for vessel imaging (ENHANCED VASCULAR IMAGING) and violet light for photodynamic diagnostics;
  • does not cause overheating of endoscope optics – the advanced optical system and the use of laser emitters provide highest efficiency and eliminate the excessive heat production which is typical for classic high-intensity light sources;
  • excellent visualization of blood vessels, the edges of vocal folds and irritated mucosa thanks to originally chosen spectral characteristics (colour) of the emitted light;
  • maximum image sharpness in the ALI Cam HS-1 camera thanks to optimally chosen light parameters;
  • fully automated operation thanks to control of illuminator functions by the software from the computer managing the examination, according to the selected mode of camera operation – besides switching the device on, there is no need to adjust any controls in the front panel;
  • long lifetime of the device and quiet operation, important while performing phoniatric examinations.

Basic technical data:

Lightguide attachment STORZ
Emitted wavelengths 405 nm, 520 nm, 638 nm (spectral characteristics adjusted to the sensitivity of CMOS cameras, with reflection characteristics of larynx tissues taken into account)
Colour temperature 6000 K (approximate – the deviation of chromaticity coordinates from the black body line is larger than 0.04 UV system unit)
Continuous light intensity controlled with duty cycle, 16 intensity levels
Maximum light flux in HIGH SPEED mode (at lightguide exit) 2200 lumens during 250 milliseconds maximum
Maximum light flux in continuous mode (at lightguide exit) 460 lumens
Power consumption max. 2 A
Main module power 220–240 VAC, 47–63 Hz
Dimensions Main module: 370 x 350 x 140 mm
Weight 7,5 kg

Pictures obtained using illuminator ALI Lum-MF1 and camera ALI Cam-HS1.