DiagnoStat Specialist

DiagnoStat – acoustic analysis parameters determination environment

DiagnoStat Specialist allows to determine acoustic analysis parameters of a group of samples. Analysis resoults can be presented in a tabular form and used for further statistic analysis. The program is based on samples generated by acoustic analysis software DiagnoScope Specialist. However software basic function is to determine single numerical values describing voice sample.

DiagnoStat Specialist features:

  • Supported files of almost any type and origin:
    • condition – files contain fundamental frequency (F0) analysis results and analysis intervals,
    • recommended files *.ost are saved using DiagnoScope Specialist (files contain all necessary information);
  • Easy to operate over a large number of files – currently the file number limit is 200
    Okno główne programu DiagnoStat

    DiagnoStat main window

  • F0 and analysis intervals determination control:
    • allows to control determined F0 and analysis intervals,
    • registered version – allows file edition (e.g. in doubtful cases fundamental frequency re-determined);
    Okno kontroli oraz edycji wyznaczonych przedziałów analizy

    Determined analysis intervals control and edition window