About us

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Our principal activity is related to developing and introducing non-invasive, innovative and cost-effective solutions for medical diagnostics. We work on combining multiple diagnostic methods in order to provide maximum diagnostic efficiency at low cost.

We work with medical data at all stages of diagnostics and treatment:


We acquire data by direct recording (video, voice), with advanced optical methods (OCT), and by measuring AC conductivity parameters of tissues (bio-impedance).


We analyze digital data with well established methods as well as with our innovative algorithms.


We present the data and results using latest achievements of 3D graphics and full capabilities of modern multimedia computer systems.

Archiving and remote access

We provide data storage and sharing using database systems and Internet services.

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To provide maximum functionality and fully match our clients’ needs, we design and create all the necessary software and measurement devices, including their firmware.

Our most developed project concerns analysis of vocal folds vibration for larynx diseases diagnostics and voice organ performance tests. Here we make use of our specialists’ experience of over ten-year cooperation with numerous phoniatric centers in entire Poland, participation in governmental research programs, and the database of over 15,000 voice records with diagnostic descriptions collected with software co-created by our specialists. Thanks to this we have prepared a comprehensive software solution for phoniatry: DiagnoScope – a program for endoscopic video recording, acoustic analysis of vocal folds function, and managing medical documentation. VoicePrints is our original software for comparative analysis of two voice samples aimed at identification of speakers. In parallel, we are preparing to launch an Internet-based system for screening against larynx cancer.

The important direction of our research is development of bio-impedance measurement techniques. We apply a self-developed dedicated software environment for analysis of interfacing between investigated tissues and the electronic measurement apparatus, which also allows detailed modeling of AC current flow in non-uniform media.

Our portfolio of diagnostic tools will be soon enhanced with low-cost systems of surface analysis based on Optical Coherence Tomography, using a self-developed technical solution. Its key features will be cost-efficiency and mobility, which opens new branches of medicine and technology for application of OCT devices. We work also on combining our OCT and bio-impedance solutions into a series of hybrid devices offering unique capabilities for medical applications in dentistry, dermatology, cosmetology, as well as technical applications, e.g., in fooling-proof fingerprint sensors and surface imaging.

Our solutions are also aimed at theranostics. Our non-invasive and cost-efficient devices are ideal for continuous tracking the changes in tissue state or human organ functions caused by drugs and other treatment methods.


Our company team consists of people with academic degrees, wide knowledge and experience in many fields of science and engineering:

  • optics,
  • physics,
  • medicine,
  • mechanics,
  • electronics (including quantum electronics),
  • computer science,
  • image analysis,
  • numerical analysis.

We consider the tight cooperation within a compact team of experts and the resulting optimal circulation of invention as the keys to the success in technical innovations.